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Chrysalis Care is an independent fostering provider, looking after children in London and the home counties. We have been operating since 1997 and have an ‘outstanding’ reputation.

As you will be aware there are many issues and topics highlighted by the media regarding looked after children, foster care, social services and children not being taken into care with tragic consequences.

The Chrysalis Care blog spot will be a forum where some of these topics, issues and other thoughts associated with fostering and looked after children will be discussed by staff, foster carers and perhaps some young people. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment.

Allé Pflaumer, Director

Thursday, 26 January 2012

No Ceiling to Hope? – Working for a Better Society

Today, I have read two news items that have struck a chord – firstly, the XLP Annual Report (http://www.xlp.org.uk/) and I also downloaded the sample chapter from Patrick Regan’s latest book: ‘No ceiling to hope’. The work of XLP is inspiring and I look forward to attending their open day on 1st March 2012. They produce some t-shirts – must get one – with slogans such as: ‘I refuse to believe this is a lost generation’. As someone committed to enrichment and a believer that there truly is no celing – it IS possible for young people (or anyone, whatever age) to turn themselves around and with the right support and guidance and environment, to make better choices, for their own lives, for their community and for a better society.

The other news item was a link sent to me by my colleague, Julie Collins, which was from the CEO of the NSPCC, Andrew Flanagan (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/andrew-flanagan/child-protection-we-need-a-rethink_b_1176853.html). Again, Andrew is clearly passionate about the protection of children and in the commitment of us all: “It's not just a 'Big Society' but a 'Better Society'; a society that does not look to others to act, but is willing to act themselves.” Hear, hear - our social responsibility is absolutely key to making the changes that policy and legislation clearly cannot.

This is a bitter sweet blog…Andrew promotes that dwindling resources now be redirected to the priority of younger children but what about all of those young people who surely cannot be considered the lost generation (?): Is the choice that crude? This is not a criticism of the latter news story (a blog worth airing in my view) but it does bring to the forefront the complexity of the struggle.

Yes, babies and young children need to be protected and nurtured. Yes, parents and families need to be supported and empowered. Yes, young people need to be provided with supportive and inspiring environments to flourish and make good -no great – choices.

At Chrysalis Care, we believe in children – a child is a child until they are eighteen years old – please let us never forget this. There are other agencies that do fantastic work with adults, confirming the ‘hope has no ceiling’ mantra. It is imperative that we do not give up on hope for better – if we believe, we can achieve.

Joanna Oliver, Strategic Development Executive

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