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Chrysalis Care is an independent fostering provider, looking after children in London and the home counties. We have been operating since 1997 and have an ‘outstanding’ reputation.

As you will be aware there are many issues and topics highlighted by the media regarding looked after children, foster care, social services and children not being taken into care with tragic consequences.

The Chrysalis Care blog spot will be a forum where some of these topics, issues and other thoughts associated with fostering and looked after children will be discussed by staff, foster carers and perhaps some young people. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment.

Allé Pflaumer, Director

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Apples and Pears, climbing the stairs to greater understanding of food allergies in children

Chrysalis Care ran a fantastic training session today, delivered by Mandy and Chetali of ‘Apples and Pears health’ and as a trainer and lecturer myself, I could descend into a monologue about the excellent training style, which was accessible and responsive (because of course, I am never ever judgemental about such things). However, it is my role as a parent of a child with allergies that inspires this blog and for any foster carer or in fact, child care worker, this training is perhaps more generically necessary than is given credit for.

Firstly, for dispelling common myths about what is and isn’t an allergy and acceptable ways of diagnosing allergies (avoid the fads!)...and also refer to a specialist to make this diagnosis….this said as a reflection upon how tempting it can be to ‘diagnose’ at home based upon trial and error and subsequent elimination. Secondly, considering the range of signs and symptoms to watch out for – far more than I realised and I will certainly be looking with a keener eye in future. Crucially, how to respond in an emergency situation, in the severe case of an Anaphylaxic reaction, which whilst inevitably scary, much surely be less so when informed with how to deal with it. What a wonderful accompaniment to our paediatric first aid training.

Finally, the health service can be a daunting one to approach sometimes and a session facilitated by people who work within this service, with useful signposting and a valuable handout to take away, can be an empowering experience. It certainly was for me. For more about allergies and children and about the work that ‘Apples and Pears health’ do, visit: www.applesandpearshealth.co.uk.

Joanna Oliver

Strategic Development Executive

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